Nov 13, 2011

Motivation Monday

For this Monday of Motivations, I wanted to give credit to all the great internet resources that inspire me.

Some of my favorite sites are created by Registered Dietitians, a group of professionals that I know provide reliable, science-based nutrition advice. These - and others - constantly interest, challenge and motivate me to live healthy even when I'm not feeling it.

Here are a few of my current favorites:
  • Always inspiring, Dietitian on the Run motivates me to break out my Nike's and go for a jog. How could I not after reading about her recent Marine Corps Marathon finish of 3 hrs 38 min? Wow!
  • For healthy, tasty recipe ideas, I turn to the other dietitian named Tiffany.
  • Thank you USDA for MyPlate, a much more user friendly visual of how we should eat.
  • To keep cooking interesting, I use Pinterest to collect my favorite recipes and then adjust to make them healthier.
  • When I'm feeling bored with my workout regimen, I like to checkout Oxygen Magazine's website for new exercise ideas.
  • And finally, this visual I saw on Pinterest helps me remember that it is ALWAYS possible to out-eat what you burn in the gym. Translation: even if you exercise regularly, try not to reward yourself too often with treats that are high in fat, sugar and calories. Instead, make healthy eating a priority and save the treats for rare occasions.


    1. And all this time, I thought exercise was the important thing most of all!

    2. I know! It took me a while to accept, but it's SO true. I really learned this when losing all the baby weight after Will. Diet is (almost) more important than exercise!