In my spare time (ha!), I write nutrition articles for Here are some of the latest:

Childhood Nutrition:
How Much Omega-3s for Toddlers?
Are School Lunches Really Nutritious?

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements:
The Benefit of Magnesium with Calcium
What is EGCG in Vitamins?
Functions of Vitamins and Minerals
Multivitamins vs Prenatal Vitamins
Do You Really Need To Take A Probiotic Daily?

Healthy Eating and Diets:
Long Term Nutritional Loss in Frozen Foods
2,000 Calorie Meal Plan
Is Vegetable Juice As Good For You As Vegetables?
Steel-Cut Oats: How Much Soluble Fiber Per Day?
Weight Loss With a Dietitian
HCG Shot Diet
Healthy Snacks That Are Filling
Does Calorie Counting Work?
Serving Sizes for Weight Loss
Foods To Eat For Losing Weight And Building Muscle
What Are The Health Effects Of Eating Organic Food?

Sports Nutrition:
A Healthy Eating Plan For Athletes
Diet Concentration For Athletic Performance

Pregnancy Nutrition:
How Much DHA For A Pregnant Mother?
Complete Healthy Diet Plan For Pregnancy

Geriatric Nutrition:
The Effects Of A Healthy Diet In Older Adults
A Consistent Carbohydrate Diet For Geriatrics

Medical Nutritional Therapy:
Should I Take A Probiotic While ATaking An Antibiotic?
Crohn's Disease And Diet To Gain Weight
Lasix and Diet
Are There Side Effects To Using Senna Laxatives?
Synthroid Interactions With Vitamins
Specific Diet For Liver Disease
Foods To Avoid With Statin Drugs
Foods To Avoid When Taking Prednisone
Vitamin K In Coumadin Therapy
Mild Protein Malnutrition And Albumin Level
Anorexia and Slow Metabolism
Foods To Avoid With Acid Reflux & A Hiatal Hernia
Diet For Renal Problems
Diet for UTI Patients
Gluten-Free Medical Diet
Daily Diet Plan to Lower Cholesterol