Jul 9, 2012

Coconut-Cranberry Lara Bars

Two words: Lara Bars! I kind of love them but always feel guilty spending two bucks on an energy bar. Thankfully, these healthy treats require very few ingredients and even less skill to make. Plus, one homemade bar will run you about 0.25 cents. Triple score! All you need is a food processor and about four ingredients. Let's get started, shall we?

There are a ton of yummy looking Lara Bar recipes online: "snickers", peanut butter and jam, blueberry muffin. I really like this basic recipe that explains how to make a Lara Bar using ingredients of your choice. 

So today, my choices were almonds, dried cranberries and shredded coconut because that's what Pregnant Belly told me to make. Sometimes, you just have to follow your instinct.


1 Cup Almonds
1 Cup Dried Cranberries
1 Cup Shredded Coconut
2 Tbsp Coconut Oil


Mix all ingredients in a food processor. Pulse until desired consistency is achieved (kind of sticky and holds together). Once done mixing, wrap individually in parchment paper or plastic wrap. Or you can spread the mixture in a baking dish and cut into individual servings. After, place in refrigerator to cool.

My toddler assistant, Will, helped me make these. Once the prep work was done, he was kind enough to lick the spoon completely clean. That's always a good sign. 

Let me know what yummy creations YOU come up with!

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