Jul 17, 2012

Tea Time and Twenty-Nine

Last week I celebrated my twenty-ninth birthday. I'll be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to it. The whole "last year of my twenties" thing really weirds me out. But I decided nonetheless to have a party... not just any party, a tea party. I'm convinced the enormous amount of estrogen running through my pregnant body is to blame for the girly-party theme. Well, that and my current TV obsession, Downton Abbey. If you haven't, you must try it.

It's a strange feeling saying almost-goodbye to a decade I had so looked forward to as a child. I remember daydreaming about all the things I had to look forward to in my twenties: college, friends, dating, career, the man I would marry, the kids I would have.

I think I crossed most things off my unofficial twenties "to-do" list, but the way it all unfolded was much different than I had pictured; in a few words, much less perfect and much more work. Ha! How's that for irony? But I certainly enjoyed myself and managed to learned a few things along the way.

1. Find something you love. Go do it. 
My dad always has useful things to say, and this was one of the best. I can remember him telling me as a child to "find something I love and go do it". Sports, academics, craft or hobbies, to him it didn't matter so much what you did, but that you had something you loved doing. 

Dad also sent me flowers for my birthday. How sweet.

2. Trust.
As a Christian, "trusting in God" is the foundation of my faith. But looking back at a decade (how I met my husband, the many places we've lived, our son, our friends, our church), I realize how remarkably sovereign God is in life and how much more I wish I would have trusted his plan instead of worry. I worry too much.

3. Build relationships.
Life sometimes feels so busy that it's hard to make time for all the people who are lovely in my life. Even though it takes effort, I seldom remember regretting making the call, sending the letter, and spending the time - regardless of that heaping pile of laundry.

4. Enjoy. this. moment.
A decade has certainly taught me how quickly time goes by. Wasn't I just in college? Nope. That was 10 years ago. And didn't I just have a baby? Not really, that was 2 1/2 years ago. So even though the day-to-day can seem monotonous and unmeaningful, it is the stuff of life and from that, memories are made.

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I wish I could say I had a grand plan for my thirties; a blueprint for success and happiness. Not so much. This time, I'm planning on taking my own advice: doing what I love, trusting in God's plan, investing in relationships and trying to enjoy every moment. 

Life is totally a collaborative effort, right? Share with us what you've learned along the way.