Jan 12, 2013

Vegetarian Lentil Soup

Last year, Walt and I went to Costco and ended up coming home with the mother lode of lentils. I refer to this as the dreaded "Costco effect" (buying 8 gallons of something you don't really need just because it's a great price). How could we resist an enormous bag of lentils for like three bucks? Owned!

Consequently, we (read: me) have been trying to go through said lentils. Definitely NOT as easy at is sounds. I've added them to soups, stews, side dishes, etc. But there's only so many lentils you can eat in a week, you know? Plus, I wasn't finding any recipes that I absolutely loved. So, it has been a slow process.

But recently, things changed. I came across a good lentil soup recipe and improved it with a secret ingredient: Fire roasted tomatoes. Roasting is one of my favorite ways to add a ton of flavor without loading on extra salt and fat. I used canned fire roasted tomatoes for convenience sake. Plus they were on sale, so I stocked up.

I like this recipe mostly because it tastes great and thankfully, it's also really healthy. It's loaded with nutritious lentils and vegetables, which provide fiber and essential vitamins like Vitamin C and A. Plus, fiber helps you feel fuller longer and can combat cravings. I certainly need a little of that in my life. And did I also mention this recipe is really cheap to make? What's not to love?

Let's get started.

First, saute your veggies.

Next, reach for the secret ingredient.

Finally, add your tomatoes, stock,  dried oregano and basil, and cooked lentils.
 Stir and let simmer.

 And done. Enjoy!

Vegetarian Lentil Soup (Adapted from: Lentil Soup)


2 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Medium Onion, Chopped
2 Carrots, Peeled and Chopped
2-14.5oz Cans of Fire Roasted Tomatoes (with garlic)
1 1/4 Cups Cooked Lentils
4 Cups Chicken or Vegetable Stock
1 Teaspoon Dried Basil
1 Teaspoon Dried Oregano
Green Onions, Sliced


Saute onions and carrots in olive oil on medium heat until tender. Add canned tomatoes, stock, cooked lentils, dried basil and oregano and stir until combined. Simmer on low for about 15-20 minutes. Serve with sliced green onions on top.


  1. I have to say, amazing recipe! I'm starting a healthy diet and I'm building a digital recipe book for it. Usually I try recipes out before adding, but this one is already in it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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