Jan 5, 2012

Change your life and the body will follow

It's January and I guess that means it's time to get back in the gym.

I took a spin class this morning at a gym I'm considering joining and MAN - did it kick my butt! Every 15 minutes felt like 30. Over our holiday vacation in So Cal, I visited a local gym to take a little "me time" and workout. On the wall prominently displayed was this poster:

"Change your body, change your life"

To me, this sign sends the message that once you get that sexy body you've always wanted, your life will be better....maybe even sexy? Does the body really come first, then the great life? Or do you change your life, then see your body change? Hmmmm.....I'll go with option B.

This advertisement - like so many today - focuses on body image. Maybe it's just me, but I'm tired of the media directing so much emphasis on body image. Most of the time, the "ideal image" portrayed is far from healthy and it sends an unrealistic message to both women and men. The truth is that people come in all shapes and sizes: pear shape, apple shape, square shape, whatever. It's important to remember that regardless of whether your shape conforms to the model on the cover of a magazine, you can certainly still be healthy.

If I could re-write this poster, it would say: "Change your life and the body will follow". That may not sell gym memberships as well, but it certainly is more truthful about the real way to achieving lasting change.

Making healthier eating choices, exercising regularly, taking time to de-stress and getting plenty of rest are a few of the major components of a healthy lifestyle. Once these have been adopted, your body will change. Guaranteed.

So be kind to yourself my friends and remember that health comes in all shapes and sizes.

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