Oct 10, 2011

Date Nights and Grocery Budgets

Yay for date night!

My husband and I had a great date night this weekend. Great food and great conversation reminded me again why I married my sweetie. With a toddler at home, date nights don't happen too often around here so we certainly enjoy them when they come around. Here we are on our last date night at a Thai restaurant, don't we look happy?

This time, we ate at a delicious steakhouse with the. most. amazing. onion rings on the planet. Yes, I ate onion rings. It's date night, people! We also had other yummy things like new york strip steak, hamburger "slider" (really the size of a normal burger, but called a slider), and warm spinach salad with goat cheese. Amazing.

Eating out at a fancy steakhouse also reminded me why we usually eat at home....it's not cheap!
As much as I love food, I have to admit it can get expensive. Even eating at home is costly if not well planned. I am always looking for ways to stay within our grocery budget and thankfully another dietitian has dedicated an entire blog to the topic. The Budget Dietitian shares her simple tricks for slashing your grocery budget. Seriously, she feeds her family for about $75/week. She has my attention!

On a less-then-ideal note, that wonderful date night dinner ended up giving me food poisoning. Naturally, this would happen as we rarely eat out! What?! Anyway, this unfortunate event reminded me how important food safety is and that I clearly need another blog post on that topic! More on that next time :)

Have a wonderful week!

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