May 31, 2012

Summer Fun

Summer is almost here and I'm pretty excited. Mostly because baby #2 comes in early August and I'm dying to hold him in my arms rather than my belly. Thanks to all the kicking and squirming, I'm feeling like a human punching bag lately.

But there are other reasons I'm excited for summer. The change of season feels like a good time to try something new. This summer, I've got a few things on my list. Some are healthy and some.....well, let's just say they allow me to take advantage of the extra 500 calories my body is burning in the 3rd trimester. Don't we all scream for ice cream?! Yes we do....

Summer-Fun List (Foodie Edition)

2. Better Yet, Get My Summertime Garden In Shape 
3. Make Ice-Cream!
4. Make Strawberry Jam
5. Host a BBQ (friends just make life better)
6. Make Sure There's Watermelon Strawberry Lemonade
7. Pick Fruit at a Local Farm
8. Make Pina Colada Pops
9. Try a New Whole Grain. For starters, Aramath Hot Cereal with Cherries and Walnuts
10. Try A New Hairystyle At Least Once A Week (not foodie-related, but absolutely necessary) 

So those are some of my plans, how about you??


  1. I just LOVE summer! Your list looks like so much fun!

    Count us in on your BBQ :-)

    1. Thanks Cameron! And you'll totally be at our BBQ :)

  2. Hey Tiffany I have another question for you. (I'm not sure if it's been asked before.)

    Are "gluten free" diets good? Should people avoid gluten? What's the deal with grocery stores advertising all the gluten free garb? What are your thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Excellent question! I've been wanting to talk about this since it's another hot topic lately. Thanks Cameron!

  3. I always love summertime because it is so easy to eat loads healthy, fresh fruits & veggies (some right out of the backyard!). The local Farmer's Market is booming this time of year and everything is delicious!

  4. oooooh!!! a foodie edition! that's fun! call me when you get the the pina colada pop one :) thanks so much for linking up!

    1. Thanks for the great idea! It's fun to create things to look forward to!