Mar 28, 2012

Asian Chicken Noodle Salad

In my line of work, I talk to a lot of people who just don't like vegetables. Some refuse them all. Others allow only the white, starchy kind (i.e. potatoes) to pass through their lips. If I said I couldn't relate, I would be lying. When I was a kid, the only vegetables I would eat were corn and green beans. That's it. Nothing more. 

When I became a dietitian, I realized the benefits of eating veggies, hunkered down and made myself do it. Now, I understand that vegetables can actually be tasty - even downright delicious - when prepared and cooked well. It's nice to know there's hope beyond steaming broccoli or coating lifeless lettuce leaves in bulk-jar ranch dressing. Hope.

It's here.

Whenever I make this salad, my husband actual asks me if I'm trying to get him to eat more veggies. He loves it. The answer? Of course I'm trying to get him to eat more vegetables. Isn't that what wives are supposed to do? Thankfully, with this recipe it's easy as pie. 

The dressing is fresh and perfectly seasoned. The veggies are crisp, colorful and full of flavor. The kick of ginger and cilantro makes your mouth water. The noodles and the chicken allow you to easily call this salad a "meal". Hello, easy dinner!? It's healthy and delicious; the perfect combination in my world. 

To this recipe from the Pioneer Woman, I add chicken and toasted almonds. I limit my pasta serving to about 1/2 cup and load up on the salad. If you're watching your salt intake, use low sodium soy sauce.

Even Will likes it. Yes, a toddler likes salad. Real deal. Allow me to elaborate via text art what must have been going through his mind while eating. I can only assume this since it was absolutely impossible to get him to look up for a picture.