Dec 18, 2011

Party Time + Tips on Avoiding Food Waste

This week I got the chance to really "test" my advice, shall we say. My husband, son and I went to 2 holiday parties this weekend. A ton of fun was had by all and we certainly enjoyed some holiday goodies too! Thankfully, my son is more interested in bouncing off the walls than he is in eating a cookie, but I'm sure that will change. For now, I'll enjoy it.

For the adults though, things are a bit different. I'm majorly tempted by all things chocolate and anything that includes the words "cup" or "cake". Bonus if they're the SAME word!

So did the dietitian actually do what she recommended? I'd like to think so. Only one treat was eaten by said dietitian and I'm thinking the rest of the night may count as exercise as I was literally chasing my son everywhere, attempting to prevent him from injuring himself or someone else. As the mother of a toddler, I've learned that they can hurt themselves anytime, anywhere. It's just life.

On to menu planning...

Since we're traveling for the holidays, this week is THE week to clear out our fridge and pantry. Wasted food = wasted money and I am a fan of neither. According the the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), food waste is the largest portion of waste by weight in the US. Apparently, it comes to about 34 million tons per year. Pretty crazy. So, let's brainstorm creative ways to prevent food waste, especially if you plan on vacationing this holiday, leaving your pantry and fridge all by their lonesome.

Tips on Avoiding Food Waste:
  1. Take inventory. Before grocery shopping, make a list and write down all that you want to use. Since some items are more perishable than others, aim to use those first. In the hospital kitchen, we call this technique "FIFO" - first in, first out. Meaning, use the items you first received, first! 
  2. Label and date. By labeling and dating food items, it will allow you to keep better track of what needs to be used when and therefore reduce food waste. 
  3. Create a menu. Buy foods pertaining to your menu and avoid other items that may just end up in the trash or spoiled.
  4. Use leftovers in other recipes. I like using leftovers as lunch the next day. But you can certainly google just about any ingredient and find a decent recipe to try. High five for recipe ratings!
Happy holidays friends!


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